Garden Gnome: Vine Weevil alert

Garden Gnome has been in touch with us to warn us about an attack of this tiny, but devastating foe.

Vine Weevil image: Nick Goodrum

Today I noticed a wilting geranium [Pelargonium] in a pot, fished it out: almost no roots.  Dunked it in water and saw lots of tiny white wriggling specks; found ancient microscope, used mustard seed to focus, fished speck out of water with cocktail stick & inspected: white larva, so small I could have put a dozen on the mustard seed; approx 1mm, almost invisible to naked eye.  VINE WEEVIL.

Plants in pots most likely to be affected and can be treated with biological control: nematodes, available organic gardening catalogue.  My advice: act swiftly at first sign then sterilise compost in pots [after plant removal] with boiling water.

Got a sick plant or suspected pest?  Ask Garden Gnome his advice.

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