Welcome to our newest innovation for the current times: a podcast dedicated to bringing the outside world right into your home.  Venture out with one woman and her dog as she explores the organic gardening world in short, regular sound bites.

*Please note, outside recording carried out in accordance with national guidance as part of daily exercise with respect to social distancing*


BHOGGCAST34: 10/7/20 – Taking Time and Burdoned Trees

SunflowerCheerful Sunflower


BHOGGCAST33: 5/7/20 – Blasting Pests and Blooming Dahlias

2020-07-05 16.24.58First Dahlia in bloom

BHOGGCAST32: 25/6/20 – Potato Pests & Plume Moth

2020-06-25 21.05.41Plume Moth resting on grass

BHOGGCAST31: 15/6/20 – Welcome Rain & Rusty Garlic

2020-06-15 18.36.00Rusty garlic ready for harvest





BHOGGCAST30: 11/6/20 -In Between Showers & Flash Harvest

2020-06-11 17.09.19Cabbage, broad beans and cherries (before the birds get them)

BHOGGCAST29: 6/6/20 – Hungry Tomatoes & Threatening Rainclouds

Comfrey flowerBee-loved comfrey.  Check out our comfrey tea recipe.





BHOGGCAST28: 2/6/20 – Reading Clouds & Cool Evenings

Brodie under cloudsDog under a mackerel sky





BHOGGCAST27: 2/6/20 – Summer Green & Setting Fruit

Courgette plantCourgette plants setting fruit





BHOGGCAST26: 28/5/20 – Bark Paths & Mare’s Tails

2020-05-28 10.40.15

Dog making himself comfy on the fresh bark paths







BHOGGCAST25: 24/5/20 – Broad Bean Harvest & Atlantic Weather


The first broad bean harvest eaten within hours in a vegan chili – sublime!

BHOGGCAST24: 21/5/20 – Native Hedges and Taking Time Out

Spindle in flower Flowering spindle in native hedge





BHOGGCAST23: 18/5/20 – First Roses & Hard Work

2020-05-18 11.35.26

Amazingly scented rose bloom


BHOGGCAST22: 14/5/20 – Dahlias & A touch of Frost

Broad Bean PodsAutumn sown Broad Beans setting pods





BHOGGCAST21: 8/5/20 – Bank Holiday & Promise of Summer

IMG_4734Homemade coffee spray to ward off slugs & snails





BHOGGCAST20: 6/5/20 – Evening Bird Calls & Trees Holding Their Breath

IMG_4726Planted out broccoli seedlings





BHOGGCAST19: 3/5/20 – Wet Woods & Bold Blackbirds

Verdant TreesWetly dripping woodlands after the rain





BHOGGCAST18: 2/5/20 – Disappointment & Woad

Woad in flowerWoad in Flower covered with flying insects





BHOGGCAST17: 1/5/20 – Full Water Butts & Well Fed Birds

Broad Bean and beetrootBroad Bean & Beetroot direct sown seeds now seedlings





BHOGGCAST16: 26/4/20 – Skinny Robin & First Asparagus

2020-04-25 18.30.26Beautiful (and delicious!) Asparagus





BHOGGCAST15: 22/4/20 – Striking Seedlings & Evening Sunshine

2020-04-22 18.38.11Planted out spinach looking good





BHOGGCAST14: 19/4/20 – Wrens & Greening Up

June top tipsBroad beans sown in autumn flowering for an early crop





BHOGGCAST13: 17/4/20 – Rain & Quince flowers

Quince buds

Unfurling quince flowers





BHOGGCAST12: 14/4/20 – Forget Me Nots & Potato Shoots

Forget me nots

Forget Me Nots in a wild area of the plot





BHOGGCAST11: 10/4/20 – Cherry Blossom & Peace

Cherry blossom

Prolific cherry blossom on the plot




BHOGGCAST10: 7/4/20 – Blackbird & Pink Moon

Nick Pope image

Pink Moon over Brighton Marina (Image courtesy of Nick Pope)


BHOGGCAST9: 4/4/20 – A Million Insects & Sunshine

Evening Allotment

Evening sun over the allotment





BHOGGCAST8: 2/4/20 – Willow Catkins & Bumblebees

Willow catkins

Willow catkins attracting bumblebees





BHOGGCAST7: 2/4/20 – Honeybees & Rewilding


Honeybees nesting in an old recycling box





BHOGGCAST6: 1/4/20 – Tulips & Robins


Tightly bunched tulips waiting to burst open





BHOGGCAST5: 30/3/20 – Magnolias & Royal Hounds


Magnolia blooms to brighten the morning





BHOGGCAST4: 29/3/20- Stretching our legs & Harvesting


Delicious harvest of perpetual spinach and purple sprouting broccoli.





BHOGGCAST 3: 26/3/20 – Long Tailed Tits & Tadpoles


Tadpoles in the pond.  Thinking of making a pond?  Check out our ‘How To….Make A Wildlife Pond’ Guide.




BHOGGCAST 2: 25/3/2020 – Bumblebees & Primroses


Primroses epitomising spring





BHOGGCAST 1: 23/3/2020 – Introduction & Mystery Object

Squash stem skeleton

Can you identify this item found on the allotment?

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