Pond dipping with Pete the Pond

Saunders Park (opposite Lewes Rd bus garage)

Sat July 1st 2-4pm

Meet one of the UK’s pond experts.  Find new bugs you have never seen before. Bring the kids – they will love it.  New members welcome.
We’ll look at the new Food Partnership project too.

Spring Equinox

Sunday 19 March will be the Spring Equinox “celebration”, where we plan to do a lot of communal gardening on the Weald Community allotment, including constructing three new wooden compost bins, preparing some new fencing and more raised beds. There will be a wide variety of seeds to sow inside and outside the greenhouse. There will be a picnic and maybe a BBQ. But first of all, for 20 minutes or so, we will complete the AGM elections with a quorum of 15 of us to select our new chairperson.

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Wednesday 15th February 7-9pm

Phoenix Community Centre

Please join us for our AGM, followed by a talk by Vera Zakharov of the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership.

The problem of food waste is looming large in the UK, and efforts to tackle it make for slow progress. Meanwhile, food poverty is on the rise, and many people are keen to solve one problem with the other.

Who or what is the real driver for our nation’s yearly 13 million tonnes of waste? And can individuals actually make a difference? Learn about the causes of food waste across the food chain and fantastic interventions taking place along the way, including inspiring community projects right here in Brighton & Hove.