February Top Tips

Its not been the most conducive month for work in the garden, but make the most of the dry spells when they come, and check out our work list for February below.


  1. Start to tidy up borders and beds, cutting back old foliage and tackling early weeds
  2. Mulch perennial veg such as asparagus and artichokes
  3. Lift and divide snowdrops ‘in the green’
  4. Start sowing seeds under cover (either in a poly/ greenhouse, or on a bright windowsill): broad beans, peas, parsnips, leeks and carrots.
  5. ‘Chit’ early potatoes ready for planting next month.  See our ‘How To’ guide on potatoes for more details on planting potatoes.

Need some help on how and when to plant what?  Check out our ‘How To’ guide on seed sowingand our seed planting guide.

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