Update on Comfrey Tea: the conclusion

Earlier in the year I made my first batch of comfrey ‘tea’ and trialled it on courgettes, tomatoes and squash.  Here’s the outcome:


The picture indicates what I observed: that the courgette plant on the right has more growth and indeed gave more fruits.  Unfortunately, all my outdoor tomato plants suffered blight, so I had to remove them from the trial.  I was similarly unlucky with the winter squash on the test bed; a cold spell at the vital time meant a lack of pollinators and therefore poor pollination.  I only had 2 fruit set, and these were tiny, although they were on the plant that benefited from the tea.

The bed is now cleared and under cover for a well-earned rest overwinter, ready to have compost added in early spring.  In conclusion, I think the stinky mixture is well worth brewing if you have the space (and the nose) for it!  Read on here for the previous posts.

If you’ve had a similarly new experience to an organic method, get in touch with us below.

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