Growing with Camilla, Fred and Charlie: Part 3

Our very own ‘growing’ family share their latest learnings about keeping an organic veggie plot.  Camilla tells us what’s new:

1 The plot

We were a little nervous to see how our starter-plot had fared over the summer as a family USA road trip in August had kept us apart. I’m happy to report the lovely folk down at the Weald allotment volunteer group (thanks Dorothy) kept it weed free and we came back to some Cinderella sized Squash!

2 Pumpkin

My husband Fred quickly turned our squash into delicious spicy soup (not magical mice as Charlie would have preferred). And today, I’m making a second batch with different spices, onions and garlic. Yum. We went a bit crazy with our courgettes planting at first (lessons learnt) but our crop in July kept us in happily in courgette pasta for weeks.

This journey (oh no, I sound like an X-factor contestant!) of our family, growing fruit and vegetables for the first time has been epic so far. I know it sounds obvious, but I’m surprised how amazing we all feel when we eat the things we grow. I’m so in awe of nature. With so much more to learn still.

Last week, scruffs on and gardening gloves at the ready we were happy to be back. And we saw some pretty special ‘growing’ down at the Weald community allotment.  Here are some highlights…

First of all, we have these incredible black tomatoes enjoying some blissful sunshine. Aren’t they beautiful? They are totally black with green markings on the bottom. When the green markings turn red, then they are then ripe for picking. See, I am learning! (well, I was told by someone else, ok?)

3 Tomatoes

Chard, glorious Chard. Such an incredible red!

4 Chard

Some of last week’s crop, and a closer look at those incredible black tomatoes.

5 Harvest

And finally, our beautiful edible baskets we were all given at the end of the session, what’s not to love?

6 Baskets

Well, that’s all from us for now, tune in next month to see what we hope to plant over the winter months. Lettice? Garlic? – I think we need to do some research. Fingers crossed the sunshine stays with us. Happy gardening.

Camilla, Fred and Charlie xxx

Camilla and family are part of BHOGG’s Community Allotment Starter Bed Scheme which runs at the Weald Allotment site and will be providing us with a regular update on their experiences as novice organic gardeners.  Click here to read last month’s post.

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