Growing with Camilla, Fred and Charlie: part 2

Camilla, Fred & Charlie continue with their quest to grow organic vegetables & fruit for the very first time. Read on for the latest from Camilla:

I noticed a change in our family recently when after a few days of lovely sunshine, a bucket load of rain poured down. I smiled and turned to Fred and said, ‘Ah. yes, rain! – such good news for the allotment’, (to which he happily agreed it was good news). To think that we would want or even hope for rain in June would have been unheard of a year ago. How times have changed. Does this mean that we are starting to think like actual gardeners now?

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 12.55.38

We are now in week 5 of a family growing vegetables and fruit for the very first-time. I expect you have been wondering how that family of novice growers have been getting on? To recap, our cliff hangers from last month were…

  • What will grow successfully? – (well… touch wood…actually everything so far)
  • What will be eaten by slugs? – (a few bites here and there but not total destruction)
  • And what is Charlie’s mystery tree? (TBC)

So, here’s the hard evidence of our growing so far…

Week 3

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 13.19.12This is our bed at week 3, with some growing definitely happening. We were advised to lay ‘Puckka-muck’ around the bed which worked at treat. And yes, that is ‘Puckka-muck’, not ‘Pacca-muck’ (which is what I thought the first time I heard it mentioned). I must admit, it brought on visions of a northern based Teletubbies character! 😉 [Ed: Puckka-muck is well rotted horse manure supplied by a local business].

Week 4

After the rain came a glorious sunny evening so we snuck up to the plot one evening as we couldn’t wait to see how seedlings were coming along.

Charlie’s mystery plant (above) is coming along nicely, Now, I’m no expert (as you well know) but it’s a raspberry plant, right?  I’m still only guessing as our lovely friend Bec (and fellow Weald allotment grower) gave us one a few weeks back and it looks pretty similar. Any other ideas of what it could be? – please comment below.

Well, that’s all from us for now, stay tuned to find out what will be our first harvest? – what dish will we make with it?  I can’t wait… see you next month.  Bye for now.

Camilla, Fred and Charlie xxx  and Jessie who for obvious reasons, is not normally allowed anywhere near our veg patch 😉

Camilla and family are part of BHOGG’s Community Allotment Starter Bed Scheme which runs at the Weald Allotment site and will be providing us with a regular update on their experiences as novice organic gardeners.  Click here to read last month’s post.


  1. Hi Camilla, what a lovely blog! I think the mystery plant might be a currant. We will see. And I know how well everything has grown as I saw it yesterday – twice as big if not more by now. Cheers from Saskia

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