Preventing food waste recipe: Healthy mango and banana “ice-cream” smoothie

Do you ever have some bananas that become too brown for anyone to eat?   Pop them in the freezer to use in smoothies.  They add a lovely creamy texture and the sweetness of the bananas make for a delicious drink.  I have many different smoothie recipes but this one is a firm favourite of my 6 year old – “it tastes like ice-cream!”

Over ripe bananas
Freeze to use in smoothies

Ingredients – makes enough for 4 people

2-3 frozen bananas (allow 1/2 banana per person depending on size)
1-2 C frozen mango
1T chia seeds
200 ml of milk / dairy alternative (add more if you are not using Kefir)
200ml Kefir (optional)

Add milk/Kefir to the blender and chia seeds – leave for 5-10minutes for chia seeds to expand.  Take frozen bananas from the freezer to soften slightly (note you do not want them to defrost).  Peel and chop bananas, add along with frozen mango to the chia mixture and blend.

Texture should be quite thick, like soft ice-cream and we eat it with spoons.  Once they defrost the become liquid, like normal smoothies.

Banana and mango smoothie
Dust with cacao and enjoy!




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