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Growing, Gluts and Generosity

Kate Harrison’s talk on Growing, Gluts and Generosity posed some interesting questions around what we as gardeners can do to take responsibility for our own food production. We discussed sowing less, sowing successively, thinning out more boldly, choosing varieties with longer harvest seasons, or growing multiple varieties to stagger production. But despite these ideas, we will still be likely to have gluts during the year. Solutions to this could be inventive recipes, food fermentation (see Kate’s fermenting article from last month), gifting to friends & family or even composting.

There were some shocking figures around food waste, yet 8.4 million people in the UK struggle to afford a meal (source: Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations).

Fareshare, Food waste in the UK statistics, WRAP

Fortunately, many charities and organisations are working to ensure that the food waste meets the needs of those most vulnerable people struggling to afford to eat. FareShare (a national organisation) manages just 4% of the edible surplus food available, distributing food donated by supermarkets and food producers to frontline charities and community groups. Last year they provided enough food for nearly 25.8 million meals!

How FareShare Works

FareShare Sussex Impact

FareShare Sussex is based in Fairway Business Centre, Westergate Road in Moulsecoomb and is very happy to receive food donations from individuals.  This means for those months when you’re grown too much there is another option: you can bag it up and drop it off to the warehouse where volunteers and staff will be genuinely glad to see you.  Our community allotment volunteers delivered over a ton of apples to Fareshare in 2017.

To ensure your surplus stock is put to the best possible use, please contact:

Rachel Carless, FareShare Sussex Development Manager
Email: rachel@faresharesussex.org.uk
Tel: 01273 671 111

Review by Jenni, and special thanks to Kate Harrison for use of her FareShare slides.

Preventing food waste recipe: Healthy mango and banana “ice-cream” smoothie

Do you ever have some bananas that become too brown for anyone to eat?   Pop them in the freezer to use in smoothies.  They add a lovely creamy texture and the sweetness of the bananas make for a delicious drink.  I have many different smoothie recipes but this one is a firm favourite of my 6 year old – “it tastes like ice-cream!”

Over ripe bananas
Freeze to use in smoothies

Ingredients – makes enough for 4 people

2-3 frozen bananas (allow 1/2 banana per person depending on size)
1-2 C frozen mango
1T chia seeds
200 ml of milk / dairy alternative (add more if you are not using Kefir)
200ml Kefir (optional)

Add milk/Kefir to the blender and chia seeds – leave for 5-10minutes for chia seeds to expand.  Take frozen bananas from the freezer to soften slightly (note you do not want them to defrost).  Peel and chop bananas, add along with frozen mango to the chia mixture and blend.

Texture should be quite thick, like soft ice-cream and we eat it with spoons.  Once they defrost the become liquid, like normal smoothies.

Banana and mango smoothie
Dust with cacao and enjoy!