Polly’s Glut-Bustin’ Rhubarb Chutney

Try this simple recipe to use up those rhubarb gluts.

The ‘official’ UK rhubarb season runs late December-March for ‘forced’ crops and April-September for outdoor ‘field’ crops – so pretty much year round!  And for anyone concerned about eating rhubarb after July because of a build up of oxalic acid in the stems, here’s a great rhubarb myth-busting website to help put our minds at ease and reach for the rhubarb.

2lb rhubarb (or adjust to your harvest)
½ lb dates
½ lb onions
½ oz ground ginger
1 oz mixed ground spice
¼ oz curry powder
¼ oz salt
1lb sugar (brown or white)
¾ pint malt vinegar  

1. Cut up rhubarb, chop dates finely, mince or finely chop onions.
2. Place in pan, add spices, salt and sugar with 1/3 of vinegar.
3. Simmer gently for at least 2 hours until tender, add a little more vinegar to prevent mixture sticking to pan. (Rhubarb is moist and may not need as much vinegar).
4. Add most of the remaining vinegar, simmer until mixture is thick and leaves no loose liquid when a spoon is drawn through.
5. Pot at once into hot, sterilised, screw-top jars. Use waxed paper disc if preferred.
6. Store in a cool, dark place.

Got a lovely recipe to share? Send it to us at info@bhogg.org.uk

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