Get Yer Nice Fresh Compost ‘Ere! – Still

For many years, Mouse has been co-ordinating an order of seed and potting compost for our members from West Riding Organics. Although Mouse has had to resign from the committee due to ill health, she’s still up for doing the compost order.

Compost in hand

For those who haven’t used the compost before, it’s made with that most rare of growing media – environmentally sound peat. The peat is a by-product of the water industry in Yorkshire. Streams that feed the reservoirs run across the moors, picking up particles of peat as they go and depositing them in the dams. The peat has to be removed to prevent it clogging up the dams, and someone had the very sensible idea of mixing it with seaweed meal and organic fertiliser to make compost. The resulting compost is a pleasure to handle.

This year’s prices (inclusive of VAT and delivery) are:
Potting & Container or Seed & Cutting Compost: £8.00
For late orders: £8.50.

(For comparison, this year’s price from the Organic Gardening Catalogue for the same brand of potting and container compost is £16.99 plus delivery).

Orders must be placed by 22nd December for delivery in early January; we will only be placing an order if enough individuals order from us to make up a pallet load.

To place orders, text Mouse on 07913 200290, or e-mail at, stating your name, quantities of each item, contact phone number and email address. They will be delivered on a pallet to Mouse’s place in Southwick in early January and we need to be able to contact you to let you know when the compost arrives so that you can go and pick it up.

Please note: this compost offer is for fully paid up BHOGG members only in the first instance.  If we need more orders to make up a pallet, we’ll widen that offer to non-members (with a small surcharge).  BHOGG membership is very affordable, so why not treat yourself!?  Find out more here.


  1. Hello Jenni I’ve been trying to find out the size of the bags, but the company’s website is uninformative.

    Could you let me know, please? Best wishes, Maria


    1. Hi Maria
      I believe they are 40 Litres – they are the same size physically as you see at garden centres….
      Hope that helps!


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