Scrumping & Scything: perfect autumn bedfellows

Adding further flavour to autumn, read on for how to scrump and scythe the Brighton Permaculture Trust way.


Scrump: definition (Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers)

verb –dialect:

to steal (apples) from an orchard or garden

These days our scrumping is of the much more ethical kind. Brighton Permaculture Trust’s team of dedicated staff and volunteers save fruit that is going to waste (with the land owners permission) and turn it into food and drink. Learn more about the fabulous scrumping project here, or even better by visiting us at this year’s Apple Day at Stanmer Park.  Down at the fruit factory on the day you can get stuck into processing the harvest and drink freshly pressed apple juice. We will also be selling our scrumpy cider at the BPT bar on the green if you’re that way inclined.  There are chances to get involved all year round but now is the time we need the most hands on deck so please get in touch to keep alive this joyful and benevolent tradition.

Another low impact skill you can get stuck into learning this time of year is scything. This is an excellent low carbon alternative to the strimmer. Demos will take place at Apple Day in the orchard.  Long grasses and weeds are kept down using scything. This cutting of meadow flowers and grasses is important to the natural cycle of our orchards; by only using scythes to manage vegetation we are not causing harm or using fuel as with strimmers and mowers, using only people power and a honed blade we ethically manage our orchards at Stanmer. And for more detail, read Christine Wiltshire’s article on scything from earlier in the summer.

Get along to Stanmer Park’s Apple day on Sunday 22nd September, 11am to 5pm to experience a small slice of autumn idyll.

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