Weald Community Allotment: Starter Bed Scheme

Alan gives us a flavour of volunteering life on BHOGG’s Weald Community Allotment.

There is a fresh buzz on Lottie each March and this March was no exception as the days grow longer and the warmth in the soil heralds new growth. The rhubarb is “popping” from its crowns and reaching its leaves out towards the sun, while the sweet, tender brassica shoots thank us for our winter’s work.

A new set of individuals, families and friends join us, many of whom have hurried to join our “Starter Bed Scheme” on a ‘first come first served’ basis with 22 initially registering. Novice allotmenteers participate in our communal gardening each Sunday and, when they have built up some hands-on experience, they cultivate their own bed organically. This year 10 people have joined us to discover the delights of gardening surrounded by bird song and beautiful vistas. They work and learn from our evergreen team of regulars enjoying breaks and picnics together.

Infinity Foods have donated a magnificent community shed to replace the small dilapidated hut that had no door, whose portal we ducked under on our way in and cursed when we banged into it on the way out. Its construction was a true community effort with Barbara, Pete, Nigel, Phillipa and Alan spending many hours preparing the foundations with our newcomers preparing the surrounding path. Thanks to Viv for her fundraising too. It all went swimmingly, so watch out for the opening of the Infinity Shed soon with eye-level views to die for.

April will be an exciting month as the seeds are sown, the asparagus rockets ever upwards and the potato shoot herald the taste of summer salads and a new season ahead. Come and join our evergreen allotmenteers every Sunday at 11 am, garden and then chill out in the peace.


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