BHOGG Talk: Permaculture Soil Health by Fran Pickering

Join us tomorrow evening to hear Fran of Brighton Permaculture Trust cover what is permaculture and its relationship to soil, incuding rescuing dead soil and managing soil to stay healthy.

Soil is the foundation of life on land. It not only acts as an amazing natural factory made up of trillions of diverse tiny life forms, but it is capable of holding phenomenal amounts of carbon keeping it from the role as a greenhouse gas. In short Healthy soil is fantastic. And currently we are losing it.

This is a great companion talk to our Urban Gardening Course session on soil.

Book here to join the talk with Q&A session Wednesday 10 November, 7pm online. Free to BHOGG members; £10/£5 to non-members, or join now.

Fran runs the Brighton Permaculture Plot at Stanmer Organics hosting weekly volunteering days. To find out more head to the Brighton Permaculture Trust website.

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