BHOGG Talk by Jessie Martelhof: Making Herbal Remedies from seasonal plants

Join Medical Herbalist Jessie Martelhof for a talk and practical workshop at the BHOGG Community Plots at Weald Allotment site on Saturday 21 August, 2-4pm

Jessie will show you how to use local Wild Medicinal plants and weeds to make your own herbal remedies, with a focus on Elderberries as they are usually abundant at this time of year. Elderberries can be used to keep colds and flu at bay in the winter and are very high in vitamin C and other nutrients. Participants will each make their own herbal remedy to take home.

This is a paid event for all attendees including BHOGG members.  Tickets cost £12 and are limited. Book your place here:

To find out more about Herbalist and forager Jessie Martelhof visit her website at

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