Save the Date! BHOGG Seedling/Plant Sale is back!

A reminder we will be holding our annual seedling/plant sale on Sunday 30th May from 10am ā€“ 12 in the memorial gardens (next to the shop) on the Weald allotments, Weald Ave, Hove.

There will be 3 stalls.  We will be joined by The Weald Allotment Gardener Assocaition and Helen Ridgeway will be selling plants to raise money for the Refugee Community Kitchen. Do come and buy some quality plants at reasonable prices.

If members have seedling /plants to donate to the BHOGG stall could they please bring them to the BHOGG allotment on Saturday 29th May or between 9am and 10am direct to Memorial garden on 30th May.

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you on the day – Viv.

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